The Little Danube

It is an arm of the Danube and a lowland river that is 128 kilometres long. It has a moderate stable flow and meanders through lowlands. The Little Danube creates the largest river island in Europe called Žitný ostrov that is considered to be one of the biggest drinking-water reservoirs. It is surrounded mainly by meadows and fields divided from the river by riparian forest.




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SLOVAKIA RING is a professional and versatile motor sports complex and home of the first national racing circuit with homologation from Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). In addition to top notch motor sports, SLOVAKIA RING gives clients the unique opportunity to hone their driving skills, experience the rush of speeding down the track, perfect their […]

Water Mills

Water Mills on the Little Danube

There are four historic watermills preserved at the Little Danube. Watermills on stilts are in Jelka, Tomášikovo and Jahodná and ship mill is in Kolárovo. There is also one mill at the Klátov branch near Danubian Klátov (Dunajský Klátov). Nowadays mills are turned into open-air museums.


Sailing on the Little Danube

It is in the beautiful environment of Danubian Lowland where the water is moderate and suitable also for families with children. You can go and see the amazing water mills in Jelka, Tomášikovo and Jahodná plus you can try the thermal baths in Topoľníky.



It is the best to sail on the Little Danube. You can board a ship at Vlčie Hrdlo in Bratislava. If you would like to start a bit further up the stream or visit some of the interesting places directly, you should take a Slovakline bus from Bratislava to Jelka. You can also get to […]

Tehmal Centrum Galandia

Aquapark Termál Centrum Galandia

Thermal Centre Galandia Galante is open to visitors since 2007. Water temperature is around 28ºC, but for the visitors geothermal water is heated to a temperature of 36ºC. Unfortunately, has no therapeutic effect. Complex Thermal Centre Galandia is located outside the city, towards the complex cascade. Center is directly related to existing areas of sports […]