Danube river


You are always close to water in Bratislava. The second largest river in Europe – the Danube – does not only give the city drinking water, but also the unique riparian forest with a net of arms of river, canals, and lakes. A barrier running alongside the river leads from Austria to Hungary and serves as a zone of relax and leisure. You can meet many bicyclers and roller scaters aiming for one of the buffets or interesting places in nearby villages Rusovce and Čunovo.


Nude Beach Lake Rusovce

Banks of the lake between Rusovce and the Danube are the biggest nude beach in Slovakia.  To get there turn left at the begining of the village and go approximately 10 minutes through forest to the lake. If you arive from the barrier (from Petržalka) the lake will be on your right.


Buffets at the Water Barrier

You can join the barrier on foot, bicycle,or roller skates under the SNP bridge at Petržalka bank of the Danube and try which buffets you will reach at first try.

Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships on The Danube

Tourist cruise ships start from the passengers port in the city centre during the season and serve these trails: Bratislava circle, Bratislava Devín, Bratislava Čunovo.



You can travel by boat on the Danube or use the public transport bus number 91 through Petržalka and Rusovce to Čunovo. Bus number 90 drives from Čunovo to the water barrier and Wild water area, as well as to the Danubiana Museum. If you like to be active and move you can go the […]


Action Park

A park of adrenaline and fun offers more than 15 attractions for adults and children. rope centre zorbing paintball shooting-gallery buggies quads segway

Rusovce Park

Rusovce Park

This stunning natural gem in Rusovce city part is a place where visitors forget all about the big city rush. The English park with a chateau originally built in Tudor styleis an ideal place for elax after an exhausting day. With its unique location near the capital of Slovakia, the park of Rusovce offers a […]

Danubiana Art Museum

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

Price: 8€

A stunning museum of modern art on a peninsula on the Danube river, near the Austrian and Hungarian border. The peninsula is part of the Cunovo water dam. Danubiana offers modern art exhibitions by Slovak and international artists. The museum is well worth a visit for the stunning natural surroundings alone. It is located about […]

Gerulata Bratislava

Antique Gerulata Rusovce

Price: 2,30€

In addition to a beautiful manor with a large park, remnants of the Roman military camp Gerulata are the main attraction of Bratislava’s borough of Rusovce. Romans left many traces in what is today the administrative territory of Rusovce. Many proofs of the existence and nature of the military camp and the adjacent civilian settlement have been unearthed in this area. Archaeologists gradually […]