Polish Tatras

Polish Tatras have been the source of extraordinary power for ages, each year new enthusiasts fall in love with tourist trails and breathtaking landscapes in the Polish Tatra Mountains. If you have visited these mountains at least once, you are sure to remain faithful to them. In Polish mountains there is a beautiful tradition that […]


Cave Belianska

Belianska Cave (entrance at 885 m above the sea) is the only cave open to public in the High Tatras. It is situated under the eastern end of the “Belianske” Tatras, in the northern slope of “Kobylí vrch”. A good starting point for visiting the cave is a settlement “Tatranská kotlina”. Myths that it was […]


Pieniny – national park

The smallest Slovak national park lies on the boarder with Poland. It is crossed by river Dunajec which is a natural boarder meandering through rugged canyon with wonderful nature sceneries. Here you can try rafting with traditional wooden rafts starting in village “Červený Kláštor”, or you can borrow a rafting boat, inflatable boat, or canoe. […]


Valley Demänovská, Low Tatras

The most visited locality of the Low Tatras is “Demänovská dolina“, laying south from Liptovský Mikuláš, on the northern slopes of the mountains. Low Tatras are a huge system of mountains with a main ridge 82 km long and the highest peak are higher than 2000 m above sea.The most beautiful lowland of Low Tatras […]


Slovenský Raj

Slovenský Raj is one of the most beautiful regions of Slovakia. Its rugged landscape is full of georges, creeks with waterfalls, canyons and krast formations accessible for tourist via trails. On of the unforgettable winter season hiking experiences is the winter crossing of Prielom Hornádu (Chasm of Hornád) in Slovenský Raj. When the temperatures drop […]