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Bratislava´s unique location on the Danube and the foothill of Malé Karpaty creates many opportunities for interesting and original trips to its surrounding area. Most of the activities and places are around 30-45 minutes away from the city centre whether you decide to walk or by car. bus, or on bicycle. Here are the most interesting tips for trips.

Small Carpathian wine route
Sunny lakes
The Danube
The Little Danube
From Bratislava to Vienna

Ferdis Kostka Museum

Ferdiš Kostka Museum

The museum is located two restored older houses in the court yard, one of them has his studio that also houses an original wood burning kiln. In the other house is a display of his work. The fairly new looking house, was built by Ferdis Kostka in 1951, and he lived in it for only […]

Palfy Mansion

Pálffy Mansion and Park in Stupava

The first stop is Stupava with an originally Renaissance manor house and park. Unfortunately, the beautiful manor house is not open to the public. Manor House - originally in its place stood a water castle belonged to the royal castle. The year 1280 was an important center pajštúnskeho estate and during its existence, changed owners. Since 1867 Károlyi was one who […]


Pilgrimage Site Mariánka

It is the oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia with Lurdy cave and Procession to Calvary. Its origin and history is partially covered by legends. The site was in an administration of the Pavlines order whose histo­rians recorded down an orally passed legend about a hermit who lived in the hillside of Marianka. He caved a […]

Vertical jump

Tandem Skydiving Vertical Jump

A tandem skydiving from a height of 4,000 meters. Open the main parachute at a height of 1500 meters. The duration of free fall about 50 seconds. Freefall speed 200 km / h. Descend the open parachute 5-8 minutes. A tandem jump is not required special training and no medical examination. Just come on the […]

craft yard

Craft Yard in Miloslavov

Danubian craft yards in Miloslavov is open from April to October for individual tours every Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 – 16:00 hrs. The eventual interested in visiting groups and individuals outside of regular visiting hours can be ordered by phone or email and get more information. Time, traditions, architecture, history customs and hand-made productions […]

Bee-keeping Museum

Bee-keeping Museum

You will find learn about bee-keeping in the past as well as about acquiring bee products in the biggest bee-keeping outdoor museum in Central Europe.

Area Corporex

Horseback Riding Area Corporex

The farm is located about 7 km from the town of Senec in the village Hruba Borsa. On the farm you can ride a horse or carriage alone or with instructors, walks in the countryside on horseback or in a carriage. Rides in the riding school or in the field. In the winter months, adverse […]

Siberian Tiger Oasis

Siberian Tiger Oasis

Price: 1,66€

Not far from the village of Kostolná pri Dunaji, there is the already nowadays protected and refuge place for the Usury tiger – Siberian that protects him from eradication. The foundation for these beautiful animals has created an exposition with a more human idea of the “heart of the nature”. It means that they created for […]

Aquapark Senec

Aquatermal Senec

Price: 10€

Excitement of adventure for the small ones, the big ones, lazy and tireless athletes, offers different types of pools with lots of eye-catching attratctions. Jets and gutter spouts, water umbrella, massage benches and a lot more great surprises are waiting just for you. All year round, it attracts with its 28-38° C borehole water in 6 […]

Transport to Senec


You can take the regional bus from Slovaklines from the bus station, or the train from the main train station to Senec. Traveling through the villages surrounding Senec is easiest with Slovakline buses.

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