As Bratislava lies on the border with Austria, there are also some cycle tracks to be found here that lead to Vienna and another Austrian cities. This park of Austria is mostly comprised of flatland. You can bike your way to Austria on both of the Danube riverbanks, the southern and the northern one alike. […]

Železná studienka

The Bratislava Carpathian Classic

Most SNP – Železná studnička – Kačín – lenkové jazero – Koliba – Kramáre – Patrónka – most SNP Interesting spots along the way: monuments of the Austro-Prussian War

Bratislavský MTB Okruh

The Bratislava MTB Circuit

Hodžovo námestie – Račianske mýto – Výskumný ústav zváračský – Pri Figare – Vinohrady – Pekná cesta – Pekná cesta / pod záhradkami – Rača/horný koniec – Rača/Knižkova dolina – Rača/amfiteáter – Nová cesta – Nad Kopanicami – Dolný červený kríž – Biely Kríž – Malý Javorník – Veľký Javorník . Salaš – Pod Salašom […]

Nábzežie Dunaja

The Danube riverbank

The busiest cycle tracks in Bratislava populated not only by cyclists but by pedestrians and skaters as well can be found on both sides of the Danube River. The road starts under the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (Most SNP) and it leads to the protected water source Čunovo where all bikers can visit […]

Bratislava water barrier

Bratislava water barrier

Bratislava water barrier is a half-circle od continuous work-out twisting on both banks of the Danube. One side is called “petržalská” (Petržalka side), the other “slovnaftská” (Slovnaft side). During summer it is full of peopleenjoying sports. You can join the barrier under the SNP bridg, or Prístavný most. There are several refreshments stations along the […]

Sunset Running

Running Parh of Health at Kamzík

The track is 1,9 kilometres long and you can add to it by trying out of the eight fitness facilities aiming for whole body exercise. The track is of intermmediate difficulty and each fitness point in terrain is marked, providing also information about exercise fittong particular viding equipment, altitude,  and distance to finish.

Železná studienka

Half marathon track Železná studienka

Another certified track is situated at Cesta mládeže and you can star either from the parking lot or from Partizánska lúka amphiteather and continue toward the Forest Park.  For a better control of your own achievement particular kilometres are marked. The track is 21.1 kilometres long.

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