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The mark of socialism over the archotecture of Bratislava cannot be overlooked. To see if you need to go further away from the city centre.

SNP bridge

The unique SNP bridge with construction reminding of UFO on the top can not be overlooked either an belongs to the the dominants of Bratislava. Unfortunately, especialy lovely part of historical centre with rare Jewish synagogue fell as a victim to its contruction. Thanks to its special construction and of the 20th century. Petržalka is the biggest panel residential district and one of most densely populated areas in Slovakia an Central Europe. What used to be a village turned into panel built-up area in the 70s. It can be seen best from vistas atthe Bratislava Castle and SNP bridge.


Slavín is a memorial of Soviet soldiers who fell during World War II. in the area of Western Slovakia. 6,845 soldiers of the Red army are buried here in 6 mass and 278 individual graves. It is often visited by tourists as well as locals because its location and views from its terraces.

Slovak Radio

Maybe the most interesting building in Bratislava is the one of Slovak Radio. The shape of pyramid turned upside down vas admired by architects from the west since in was built ( in 1983 ).

Istropolis    New market hall


There are two architectonic gems at Trnavské mýto. Dom odborov Istropolis (Trade Union House Istropolis) took 25 years to build. A gift from Fidel castro – the  original Cuban marble – has been used there. Opposite it is whole-glass Nová Tržnica ( New Market-hall) in the style of high-tech 80s.

Námestie Slobody - Družba


Námeste Slobody is the most socialist square in Bratislava on the area of 200 times 200 metres. A fountain called Družba is situated in the middle of the square. It is the biggest fountain in the city, but unfortunately it is out of order.




Slovak radio

Slovak radio

The Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra (previously Czechoslovak Radio Symphony Orchestra) is a symphony orchestra based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Founded in 1929 to serve Slovak Radio, the orchestra became particularly associated with the music of Slovak composers, notably Alexander Moyzes, Eugen Suchoň and Ján Cikker. Chief conductors of the orchestra have included Krešimir Baranović, Ľudovít Rajter,Ladislav Slovák, Václav Jiráček, Otakar Trhlík, Bystrík Režucha, Ondrej Lenárd(1977–90), Róbert Stankovsky (1990–2001), Charles Olivieri-Munroe (2001–03),Oliver von Dohnanyi (2006–07), and Mario Kosik. The orchestra has […]