Amundsen Ice Bar


MINUS 7 BAR - Taste of vodka ICE BAR Less 7BAR – Taste of vodka & Ice bar in partnership with Heineken Slovakia to introduce a new concept of ice experience – first time in Slovakia. At one point, you can experience a wide range of temperatures: from room 22 ° C in the Taste of […]

Dance Clubs

Dance clubs

Bratislava might be a small scene for nightlife but there are several zones full of great nightspots for all its party-greedy visitors. It is usually free to enter clubs in Bratislava, however, in some top places they can ask for couple of euros. Prices of coctails vary, starting at 6€ and people use to enter clubs before midnight and stay there until 3 – […]

Music clubs

Music Clubs

Radosť Music Bar is small underground club with great soundsystem, downtown, opened 6 days a week except Sunday. Chill-out bar with a great athmosfhere. The cultural centre Dunaj˜ is located on the fourth floor of a former warehouse at the SNP Square in Bratislava. The entrance is from the Nedbalová street. Dunaj˜ is serving multicultural menu – including live […]

coctail bars

Coctails Bar

For lovers of coctails Bratislava offer bars with special athmosphere. Cocoloco or very famous SKY BAR – romantic restaurant with panoramic view of the historic city center and one of the most visited bars in Bratislava with offer of 70 kinds of vodka. COCOLOCO Address: Námestie SNP 1, Bratislava Contact: +421948 033 915 SKY BAR […]

Rock Bars

Rock Bars

Bratislava also offer you some rocks bars. The most favorite of them is Harley Davidson with 18 years traditions. It is the one of the top 10 bars in Slovakia. If you are looking for a fun at the downtown, you have to visiti Barrock right to The Main square. HARLEY SALOON® Address: Rebarborová č.1/A, […]



If you’re looking for a more mixed and cosmopolitan crowd, try the downtown/city centre – any of the pubs pouring Slovak beers such as Zlaty Bazant are worth checking out. Alternatively you could go for a great Czech beer on tap – lagers such as Budvar or Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, Radegast, and Starobrno are a […]