Slnečné jazerá

Slnečné jazerá Senec

This locality belongs to the most famous recreational areas of summer tourism in Slovakia. This recreational centre lies along the main route from Bratislava to Trnava, approximately 25 kilometres from Bratsilava. The area is divides into north and south side. Both sides have a chain of hotels and apartments and many dining facilities, such as […]

Rusovské jazerá

Rusovské jazero

Located near Petržalka water barrier it is a place poplupar with cyclists and inline rller-skaters, who come here to refresh themselves during summer. The beach is mostly covered with grass. Many nudists come here as well.

Štrkovec lake

Štrkovecké jazero

Štrkovec Lake is situated in the city part of Ružinov and is popular cultural, social, recreational, and sport area. A running tracks goes around the lake. Near the lake is a playground for children and young adults. Unfortunately, the lake is not suitable for swimming.



Veľký Draždiak is a natural lake in petržalka that originated from gravel mining during the 1980s in the 20th century. Bathing here is at your own risk.

Vajnorské jazerá

Vajnorské jazerá

Vajnorské Lakes are made of small and large lakes connected by a channel. They are situated near Zlaté Piesky lake on the north side of D1 motorway from Trnava to Bratislava. Bathing here is at your own risk.



Kuchajda is situated near Polus City Center. Those who like sports can do ,any activities besides swimming – beach volleyball, street-ball, and football on artifical turf, or table tennis. The area is also auitable for running. several restaurants and buffets offer refreshments.


Zlaté piesky

This sport and recreational area with a natural lake is situated in the north-east border of the capital Bratislava, surronded by calmnes an greenery. Besides swimming , you can visit sport playgrounds (tennis, volleyball, and football field), mini-golf, tube, wakeboard lift, restaurants, but also a wide variety ofcultural and social events.