High Tatras

The way how Tatras are today is from the last glacial period. First tourists visiting High Tatras came only about 200 years ago. They believed that Tatras were full of gold, silver and other gemstones.
Tourism similar to what it is today developed more than one hundred years ago. Curious tourists seemed odd to the natives and they considered them to be treasure hunters. Only after the Košice-Bohumín Railway had been buit in 1871 and connected High Tatras with the rest of the world, tourism started to develop. First villas, cottages, lodging houses and hotels were built and foreign explorers were taken with Tatras.15 settlements were founded during two decades. In three of them was a grand hotel equal to the most luxurious in Europe. A cable railway riding to peak Lomnický štít was built in 1941 and posed a great attraction, one that was not bested even by Alps.


The Symbolic Cemetery, Popradské pleso

The Symbolical Cemetery is a dignified memory of the victims of the Tatras. It is situated at Popradské pleso lake in the High Tatras. The visitors are welcomed by the motto written on the chapel wall: “For the memory of the dead – to warn those who are alive”. The Symbolical Cemetery is situated below […]


New Evangelical Church, Kežmarok

In the second half of the 19th century the Protestants from Kežmarok decided to build a new church. A delegation of the congregation went to Vienna in 1870 to visit the regional architect Teofil Hansen. He gifted the deputy with his own design, which was originally made for building a church in Orient. The project […]


Wooden Articular Evangelical Church [UNESCO]

This national cultural monument is one of the eight Slovak wooden churches included in UNSECO world cultural heritage list since 2008. The church comes from the time of religious bondage of Protestants. According to the assembly in Sopron the Protestants could build their churches only out of town walls without solid foundations, from wood, no […]


Roman Catholic Church of St. Egidius, Poprad

Church of St. Egidius is considered to be the most valuable historical sight of Poprad. It stands in the middle of the town and dates back to the second half of 13th century. It´s Gothic Roman Catholic building and next to it a typical Spiš Renaissance bell-tower with diamond gable from 1658 is located, a […]


Roman Catholic Church of St.George
Poprad – Spišská Sobota

Church of St. George is the oldest building of the square in Spišská Sobota and dates back to the middle of 12th century. The main altar is from 1516 and was made in the workshop of Master Paul of Levoča. The church is adorned also by the late gothic altars.


SKI Museum Tatranská Lomnica

Price: 2,50 €

The exhibition in SKI MUSEUM in Tatranská Lomnica deals with the history and development of winter sports in High Tatras from their very beginning until 1945. 19 boards present the visitors with interesting facts about the beginnings of skying, skating, curling, mountain-climbing, sledding or bobsleighting in High Tatras. Each part devoted to a particular topic […]

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