Bratislava lies on both banks of the Danube – the second largest river in Europe – and on the foothill of Malé Karpaty mountains. The city is situated on the borders with Hungary and Austria. Bratislava spreads over 365 km2 and has around 420 000 inhabitants. Besides its important role in history as a capital of the Kingdom of Hungary, its present it also quite interesting. Despite of rich history Bratislava is one of the youngest capitals in the world. Visitors are compelled by homey atmosphere of smaller city, as well as its pulse and history merging with the newest of trends.

History of Bratislava goes back to the year 5000 B.C. as can be proven by archeological findings of colonization that took place here during the Neolithic period. The Celts built their first settlements in Bratislava and Devín in the first century B.C. They also founded a Celtic mint that produced silver coins known as Biatec.

Danubiana Art Museum

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum

Price: 8€

A stunning museum of modern art on a peninsula on the Danube river, near the Austrian and Hungarian border. The peninsula is part of the Cunovo water dam. Danubiana offers modern art exhibitions by Slovak and international artists. The museum is well worth a visit for the stunning natural surroundings alone. It is located about […]

Museum of Weapons

Michael’s gate

Price: 4,30€

The only preserved gate from the four original Bratislava gates in city fortification is the Michael’s gate. It is a kind of an entry to Bratislava’s promenade, which is full of restaurants and coffee shops. You can also, of course, visit the Museum of historical weapons right in the Michael’s tower and relish in the […]

Hummel Museum

Johann Nepomuk Hummel Museum

Price: 3,3€

Exhibition presenting the life and works of music composer J. N. Hummel (1778-1837) is available in a Renaissance-style garden house. It features a collection of the artist’s musical instruments and samples of note records of his works.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The museum‘s principal aims are research, documentation and presentation of the diversity anddevelopment of living and non-living nature in all its variety especially at the territory of Slovakia. Museum is a central methodological institution with a nationwide authority. With its collections (approximately 2.4 million objects) it ranks among the most significant European natural history museums. Collections are provided to the professional […]

Slovak National Museum

Slovak National Museum

The Slovak National Museum is the top state institution responsible for preparing museum collections, facilitating scientific research and organizing cultural and educational events in this field in the Slovak Republic. Based on the results of scientific research and surveys, it creates, documents, processes, evaluates, protects and makes various collections of artistic, historical or scientific objects accessible to the general […]

Pharmaceutics Museum

Pharmaceutical Museum – “Pharmacy at the Red Crab”

Price: 4,30€

Red Crayfish Pharmacy is a baroque building and former pharmacy from the 16th century in the Old Town of Bratislava, Slovakia. Since 1953 it houses the Museum of Pharmacy of the Bratislava City Museum. Today, the exhibition features three of the original five rooms of the former pharmacy complete with historical furniture, pharmacy equipment and Baroque – Classicist paintings and wall decorations. The museum contains […]

Gerulata Bratislava

Antique Gerulata Rusovce

Price: 2,30€

In addition to a beautiful manor with a large park, remnants of the Roman military camp Gerulata are the main attraction of Bratislava’s borough of Rusovce. Romans left many traces in what is today the administrative territory of Rusovce. Many proofs of the existence and nature of the military camp and the adjacent civilian settlement have been unearthed in this area. Archaeologists gradually […]

The Museum of Clocks

Museum of Clocks

Price: 2,30€

The Museum of Clock is located in the House of the Good Shepherd in one of the most interesting historical buildings in Bratislava. It is situated on the castle hill just under Bratislava Castle, with an excellent view on the river Danube. The museum focuses mainly on hand made clocks and clockworks from the early […]

The Transport Museum

The Transport Museum

Price: 3,3€

Bratislava Transport Museum is a transport museum in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is a branch of the Slovak Technical Museum in Košice, is situated on the site of the first steam-railway station in Bratislava on Šancová Street, near the current main railway station in central Bratislava. It opened on June 24, 1999. The two exhibition halls of the museum include just under 100 motorcars, 25 […]

Museum of the City History

Museum of the city history

Price: 5€

The concept behind the exhibition of the City History Museum in the Old Town Hall is a presentation of the history of the people living in Bratislava within the context of the events that have shaped their lives from pre-history up to the present day. One event that merits inclusion is the establishment of the […]

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