If you travel south-west from Bratislava, you will find yourself in Austria after only 6 kilometrs. Rich historical, cultural and social connections with the border region and Vienna make this area a great place for free-time activities. A trip to the Austrian border region offers wide variety of experiences whether you go on bicycle, sail, or want to do some shopping.

Czechoslovak fortification museum

Czechoslovak fortification museum

Czechoslovak Fortification Museum presents pre­war Czechoslovakia and its massive fortification system built in only three years, even before Adolf Hitler overmastered hearth of Europe and began the second World War. Panzer loopholes, massive walls of reinforced concrete, weapons and special fortification weapons and equipment, can be found restored within Museum B­S 4 in Bratislava. Come […]


Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof is a palace located in Austria near the border of Slovakia. It once belonged to Prince Eugene of Savoy who purchased it late in his life in 1726, He had it enlarged in the Baroquestyle by the architect Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt in 1729, and used it as an elaborate hunting lodge. He left it to a niece in his will, and […]



You can sail to Vienna with Twin City Linner or a “rocket” from the passengers port in the city centre. A Slovaklines bus will take you there from the bus station through Wolfstahl, Hainburg, and Schwechat airport. Slovaklines bus goes also directly to an outlet centre in Parndorfe. You can also go by train from […]