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Traditional Slovak cuisine is hearty and loaded with influences from neighboring Hungary, Austria, and Germany. Although each region has its own unique dishes, the country’s unofficial national food is bryndzové halušky, potato dumplings filled with bryndza, fermented sheep cheese. Most restaurants garnish their bryndzové halušky with bacon pieces.
The cuisine of northern Slovakia comes from areas with harsh climatic conditions, where at least three months it is usually intensively cold. This is one of the reasons, why there is a predominance of smoked meat, potatoes, sauerkraut, dairy products, products of flour and pulses in this cuisine. The most frequently found restaurants in the rural northern Slovak Republic are called salas after the sheep farms from which several city restaurants obtain their ingredients.
“Bryndzové halušky” as a dish may look just as funny as it sounds, however its specific taste is definitely worth a try. “Bryndzové halušky are usually served with fried bacon on top and with a cup of fermented milk called “kefir”. Their taste is “specific”, so don´t give up on them after the first spoon.
Slovakia is litterally all about cheese, in all forms and sizes. “Oštiepok” is one of the most traditional cheeses. It is a salty cheese made from sheep milk and usually comes in quite large chunks. The proper way to eat “oštiepok” is to cut to small slices of it and either put in on a slice of bread and eat it for breakfast, have it with bread and vegetables as an appetizer or munch on it over a glass of wine.
The most common local drinks are a strong gin called borovicka and a plum brandy named slivovica.


4 Flavors of Monarchy

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4 Days – 4 Cultures – 4 Vineyards – 4 Gourmet experiences The first day belongs to Hungary. In the morning we are ,moving from Vienna towards our first stop, St. Margarethen´s village. There we will lool over the roman stone pit (UNESCO World Heritage). Welcome brunch will take place at the Neusiedler´s lake, followed by […]

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