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You can find a mixture of tastes from the whole world in Bratislava besides the typical  Slovak cuisine. There are hundreds of restaurants, therefore all visitors can find something to their liking. Neraly all restaurants have English speaking staff and most of them have menus translated into English and German.

Traditional dishes

Slovak cuisine is quite varieted and differs according to region. It is influenced by Czech, Polish, and Hungarian. The most typical Slovak food is bryndza dumplings with bacon. Dumplings are made of potato dough mixed with bryndza – a special kind of sheep cheese. They taste the best of sheep farms (“salaš”) and shepherd´s huts (“koliba”). Other traditional meals are cabbage, “strapačky”, bryndza pastry, potato dampers, “lokše”. Favourite fish dish in our country is trout.

A good Slovak dinner cannot be without soup: saurekraut called “kapustnica”, garlic soup (“cesnačka”), bean soup with frankfurter, lentil soup, beef or hen soup. Traditional pastry in Slovak cuisine is made of leavend dough, or it is buns filled with marmelade, poppy-seeds, cottage, cheese or nuts.

Traditional Drinks

Slovak belongs to countries with one of the most high-quality table mineral water. Slovak made flavoured beverages Vinea and Kofola succesfully rival wuth their equal competitors in the world.

The most famouts alcoholic drinks are “borovička” and “slivovica”. Another poular drink is Demenovka made of healing herobs and forest fruits.

Also beer is very poplular in Slovakia. Slovak beers are high-quality and taste comparable to great czech beers. There is a long tradition of growing wine grape in Slovakia. types of wines of high-quality are grouwn here, including the world famous Tokaj wine on southest on the country.

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Bratislava Christmas Market

Price: 35,00 €

December is the traditionally the month when Hlavné, Františkánske and Hviezdoslavovo squares in Bratislava are alive with magical Christmas atmosphere. The most beautiful part of the town is full of savour of various delicacies and Christmas carols can be heard. It is full of people and good humour. One can find handicraft products, ceramics, wood, […]

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Day of open Wine Cellars

Price: 50,00 €

This event supports the tradition of driniking the young wine. Every year gives you oportunity to look directly into the cellars of wine producers.This year wine cellars of the Small Carpathian Wine Route opens it’s doors on 20 to 21 November 2015. It allows wine lovers to taste wines from all over the Small Carpathian […]

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