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Day of open Wine Cellars

Price: 50,00 €

This event supports the tradition of driniking the young wine. Every year gives you oportunity to look directly into the cellars of wine producers.This year wine cellars of the Small Carpathian Wine Route opens it’s doors on 20 to 21 November 2015. It allows wine lovers to taste wines from all over the Small Carpathian […]



Price: 1350 €

Central Europe is a region of the European continent lying between the Eastern and Western Europe. Central Europe is formed by Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. These Central European countries were parts of the Austro-Hungarian empire and thus they do not only have geographical, but also strong historical and cultural connections. We […]

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Price: 1.200 €

11 Days – Round Tour of Slovakia DAY 1: WELCOME TO SLOVAKIA Pick – up from the airport Welcome gala dinner Overnight at 3 star hotel DAY 2: BRATISLAVA – THE CAPITAL Breakfast at the hotel Old town sightseeing Lunch at typical old town restaurant Off the beaten track – communist era Dinner at typical „Pressburg“ […]


Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof is a palace located in Austria near the border of Slovakia. It once belonged to Prince Eugene of Savoy who purchased it late in his life in 1726, He had it enlarged in the Baroquestyle by the architect Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt in 1729, and used it as an elaborate hunting lodge. He left it to a niece in his will, and […]

Plavecky Castle

Plavecký Castle

The Plavecký hrad Castle, subject of many legends, is the most important attraction of the western slopes of the Malé Karpaty. It used to serve as the royal frontier fort built in the years 1256-1273. In the second half of the 16th century it was reconstructed with big investments into a perfect Renaissance fort. Imperial troops damaged the castle […]

Kamenny mlyn

Stone Mill Bath

Area of The Stone Mill offers many sport facilities. It is possible to play beach volleyball, badminton, table tennis, football and soccer. In the complex you can find Bio Pine – healthy bathing in the heart of nature. Swim in clear water and enjoy maximum comfort of bio-pool. Cleaning of the pool is completely withtout […]

Water reservoir Lozorno

Water Reservoir Lozorno and Ranch

The artificial water reservoir and offers swimming during summer. You can go horseback riding, discover traditional crafts, gallery, or teahouse in eco-shepherd´s at the nearby ranch.

Pajstun Castle ruin

Pajštún Castle Ruins

Take a nice walk through the forests of Malé Karpaty to the ruins of a lookout castle. It is an ideal place for picnic or barbeque. On foot or terrain bike from Stupava Park (1 h, 20 m) or from the church in Borinka. From the top there are spectacular views of the Little Carpathians and the […]

Ferdis Kostka Museum

Ferdiš Kostka Museum

The museum is located two restored older houses in the court yard, one of them has his studio that also houses an original wood burning kiln. In the other house is a display of his work. The fairly new looking house, was built by Ferdis Kostka in 1951, and he lived in it for only […]

Palfy Mansion

Pálffy Mansion and Park in Stupava

The first stop is Stupava with an originally Renaissance manor house and park. Unfortunately, the beautiful manor house is not open to the public. Manor House - originally in its place stood a water castle belonged to the royal castle. The year 1280 was an important center pajštúnskeho estate and during its existence, changed owners. Since 1867 Károlyi was one who […]

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