Sailing on the Little Danube

It is in the beautiful environment of Danubian Lowland where the water is moderate and suitable also for families with children. You can go and see the amazing water mills in Jelka, Tomášikovo and Jahodná plus you can try the thermal baths in Topoľníky.

Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships on The Danube

Tourist cruise ships start from the passengers port in the city centre during the season and serve these trails: Bratislava circle, Bratislava Devín, Bratislava Čunovo.

private cruise

Private Cruise on the Danube

There are private cruise on the Danube by motorboat or safari on water scooters. Several kinds of trips are offered. You can also travel to the above mentioned attractions this way.

Vertical jump

Tandem Skydiving Vertical Jump

A tandem skydiving from a height of 4,000 meters. Open the main parachute at a height of 1500 meters. The duration of free fall about 50 seconds. Freefall speed 200 km / h. Descend the open parachute 5-8 minutes. A tandem jump is not required special training and no medical examination. Just come on the […]


Jet ski ride – Hot Chilli

Hot chilli provides services in the field of water sports and boat rental with skipper services. With our vessels you may encounter on the river Danube, in the case of interest on the Adriatic Sea. Goal of Hot chilli is provided services in the field of extreme sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, crazy […]



Wild water sports area in Čunovo is situated only 20 km from the centre of Bratislava. It has an artificial channel with wild water. You can try different adrenaline sports here, such as rafting, kayaking, river surfing, wakeboarding, or water scooters.



Kuchajda is situated near Polus City Center. Those who like sports can do ,any activities besides swimming – beach volleyball, street-ball, and football on artifical turf, or table tennis. The area is also auitable for running. several restaurants and buffets offer refreshments.

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