Price: 50,00 €

Skijoring began several hundred years ago in Scandinavia as a way for people to travel during the cold and snowy months of winter. Towed behind reindeer or horse on long wooden skis, these early travelers found skijoring a useful and practical means of getting from one place to another when the roads were impassable. We […]


Bear watching in Slovakia

Price: 60,00 €

Bear watching in Slovakia is different activity than others. You will have to get up early!!! To see the brown bear in its territory is very exiting thing. High Tatras has many places where you can find them. But only us and our guides can take you there!!! After we pick you up at the […]


Indoor Skydiving – The Adrenaline Rush

Price: 89,00 €

You have found unusual and adrenaline sport that is safe for everyone. Come and try the feeling of freefall in the safety of the indoor skydiving simulant, from a safe height and under continuous supervision of professional instructors. Superfly Tatralandia is a unique adrenaline attraction. It simulates freefall, which you can experience as in jump […]


Rafting – The Outdoor Challenge

Price: 39,00 €

Are you bored? Forget the usual sightseeing and get on it! Unleash the beast in you while rafting the white water, driving the offroad or hanging in the sky. No pain no game! We take you on a different kind of rafting journey… there are no cars here, no stress and no cell phones. Be […]


Soviet Reminiscences

Price: from 29,00 € / person

Learn about the KGB and cold war history and see the most of the communist architecture in Bratislava.

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