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Bratislava Christmas Market

Price: 35,00 €

December is the traditionally the month when Hlavné, Františkánske and Hviezdoslavovo squares in Bratislava are alive with magical Christmas atmosphere. The most beautiful part of the town is full of savour of various delicacies and Christmas carols can be heard. It is full of people and good humour. One can find handicraft products, ceramics, wood, […]


Aquapark Senec

Price: 10,00 €

As we embrace a “wellness-lifestyle” – one that focuses on healthy living and prevention, the concept of ‘balance’ or ‘re-connection’ between body, mind and spirit is central. Those who visit spas and wellness resorts know the serenity and “one-ness” such experiences can offer. Similarly, many people who frequent day spas do so not only for […]


Aquapark Termál Centrum Galandia

Price: 13,00 €

The Town of Galanta obtained a non-recurring financial grant of 130 million SK by affirmative evaluation of the project that was submitted to the influential agency /The Slovak Tourist Board and Ministry of Economy/. The grant was obtained for a project realisation called The development of a thermal swimming pool with all-season operation, within the […]



Price: 180,00 €

It takes you under the most of Bratislav’s bridges up to the fabulous Devin Castle. A breath-taking scenery is all around. Our professional licensed skippers take you to all known or hidden places.


Night sledding

Price: 6,00 €

A great combination of winter fun, nature, and Night Sledding is suitable for everybody. All you need is a smile and appropriate clothing:). Sledding has been a winter ritual for generations. Anywhere there’s snow and a hillside, you can find people sledding. Your grandparents probably did it, as did your parents, and someday your kids […]


Children’s Little Wall

Price: 0,70 €

We all have those days where our kids are literally climbing up the walls, right? Lucky for your little monkeys (and of course, your sanity) Portland offers an assortment of indoor rock climbing gyms where kids can expunge their energy and us parents can enjoy a few hours of peace, and maybe every participate ourselves. […]


Children‘s Golf School

“In golf the biggest competition is against oneself, to do better than you did before. Golf teaches you that success comes from within, and that certain rules and etiquette have to be followed without question in this game – just like everyday life. It also has the ability to teach children how to be logical, […]


Rope park in AquaCity Poprad

Price: 7,50 €

The rope park of Aquacity Poprad is made of 20 rope obstacles hanging high, either on trees or posts. A 12-metre-high tower dominates the park and is the starting point for a 30-metre-high Tibetan bridge. The park is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a proper dose of adrenaline, a bit of physical exercise […]


Funville Hozelec

Price: 3,90 €

Sheltered playground ideal for children under 12 years. There is a climbing wall, sporting playground, PlasmaCar, air canoons, mega square window ladder, trampoline, and arena for children under 3 years. Entrance fee: 3.90€ for 2 hours.


Boating at Štrbské pleso

Price: 15,00 €

Boating at mountain lake Štrbské pleso has been renewed after 30 years when it was closed by the end of ‘70s due to pollution and ill-behaved visitors. Visitors can be delighted by the breathtaking vistas over Solisko and enjoy the calm surface of this extraordinary singleton that fought for its place as one of the […]

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