Price: 30,00 €

SLOVAKIA RING is a professional and versatile motor sports complex and home of the first national racing circuit with homologation from Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). In addition to top notch motor sports, SLOVAKIA RING gives clients the unique opportunity to hone their driving skills, experience the rush of speeding down the track, perfect their […]

Pro Car


Procar-Motorsport – available racing for everyone. Enjoy a unique opportunity to ride for sports and racing vehicles, or make a present of unforgettable adrenaline experience.  


Back to 80′s in Communist Limo

Price: 25,00 €

Take a retro ride in the luxury limousine of the last communist president of Czechoslovakia. Relics of Socialism Tour will show you the best of the socialism architecture and take you to the communist heritage symbols of the city. Tour includes one hour guided ride in GAZ14 oldtimer car, called seagull, made in 1985 and […]