Slovak for foreigners

There are over 5 million people speaking the Slovak language in the Slovak republic and other few million abroad. So why not you? Conversation courses: are intended for students at intermediate (B1) level who have a greater interest in conversation rather than grammar issues. The lessons are based on engaging, communicative and current materials provided […]


The Old Town Tour by Presporacik

Price: 10,00 €

The Old Town Tour by Presporacik-Oldtimer® 30 a 60 min. This tour by Presporacik-Oldtimer® offers you a return to the rich history and grandeur of the heart of old Bratislava. You will see the oldest and most beautiful parts of Bratislava: the Main Square, St. Martin´s Cathedral, the Church of St. Clare. The most beautiful […]


Chefparade – cooking school for you

Price: 49,00 €

* Culinary events * teambuilding * cooking courses for everyone Menu: Traditional or modern Slovak cuisine, Mediterian, Mexican, Asian cuisine, Steaks, Sushi and various desserts (Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Chocolate pralines…) About us: Do you want to taste the traditional Slovak cuisine and learn to prepare “Bryndzové halušky”? Discover local culture through hands-on Cooking courses and Cooking […]


Bratislava post socialist city tour

Price: 19,00 €

Funky retro tour in a legendary 70’s Czechoslovak Škoda car (or minivan) through off-the-beaten-track places of communist past and recent transformation in Bratislava. Visit concrete housing estate area, soviet monument Slavín, abandoned factories, riverside developments, bunker line from 1938 and loads of socialist architecture. Local insight guaranteed. Get an authentic overview of Bratislava from above. […]



Price: 180,00 €

It takes you under the most of Bratislav’s bridges up to the fabulous Devin Castle. A breath-taking scenery is all around. Our professional licensed skippers take you to all known or hidden places.


Off road centrum

During this driving experience you will be able to see what an off road vehicle can do. If you like off road cars, you like the sound of an engine and like adrenaline sports, this is the right package for you. We will discuss with you where we will meet to start our off road […]



Price: 7,00 €

Let’s play paintball they said, it will be fun:). Paintball is a fun sport that just about anybody can play and enjoy. It’s an exciting blend of action, strategy and adrenaline. Paintball is a sport in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water-soluble dye and […]


Skydiving Kráľová pri Senci

Price: 160,00 €

Skydiving is the single most exciting sport there is. Nothing even comes close to the exhilaration you feel when floating on a cushion of air, and flying your canopy safely to the ground. It’s also very misunderstood, and filled with many common fallacies and misconceptions that keep most people from trying this beautiful sport. It’s […]


Bobsleigh Track

Price: 2,50 €

Who needs ice when you’ve got wheels? If you are a adventure and adrenaline lover then this is made for you. Feel adrenaline going down the Bobsleigh. OK, so its not as fast as bobsleigh in winter but its still fun:)!


Laser Tag

Price: 5,00 €

Laser Tag, a.k.a. Laser Game, is an adrenaline-pumping team game that resembles paintball or airsoft. It’s for everyone that likes fun and action. The game does not hurt at all, so women, children and even elderly can enjoy playing it. 12 players maximum can enter one game. Player wears a vest with a mounted laser […]

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