Town monument reserve Levoča

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    St James's Church
    The Town Hall
    The Cage of Shame
    The Large Provincial House
    The Town Theater

There are more than 330 monuments in Levoča, town situated 30 km from Poprad. Therefore, it became a monument reserve in 1950. Massive town walls circle the whole historical core of the city.
Church of St.Jacob is the dominant of the reserve, as it is also a national cultural monument. Eleven Gothic and Renaissance altars can be admired here. The main Gothic winged altar carved out of lime wood comes from the workshop of Master Paul of Levoča. It is the tallest Gothic altar in the world.
Visitors can also marvel upon other valuable monuments from Gothic and Renaissance period, such as: the town hall serving as exposition of Spiš Museum, big district administrator house, house of Thurzo, former town pub and theatre, house of Mariassy with arcade courtyard, house of Krupek with rare Rennaissance facade painting, evangelical church and other.