Swimming Pool Pasienky

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    6:00- 19:50
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The Benefits of Swimming

One of the often repeated comments about swimming is that it exercises your entire body. The truth of this really depends on how you approach swimming. It is possible to get in a pool and swim on your back without exerting much energy at all. However, if you are swimming laps using a stroke such as the front crawl or the breast stroke, you will use the muscles of your legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks and more.

If you are swimming at a fast pace, racing others for example, or racing against your personal best, you will experience the cardiovascular benefits of swimming. Your heart will work harder and faster to generate energy. Your lungs will also strengthen as you breathe more quickly and intensely.

Swimming is an ideal form of exercise if you are dealing with injuries. For example, if you are a runner and your knees can no longer endure the impact of running, swimming will be a more manageable way to get your daily exercise.

You can also use swimming to warm up and cool down before or after running, cycling or another form of fitness activity. Swimming allows you to gradually increase your heart rate, increase your blood circulation and warm up your muscles. You can also isolate particular muscles in swimming. For example, you may want to hang on to the edge of the pool and only kick your legs. You could lie on a flutter board and move only your arms.

As a form of exercise, swimming can be very meditative. It may be very soothing and relaxing for you to swim laps at a leisurely speed or float on your back and look at the sky.