Squash Centrum – Delta

  • Address: Partizánska 683/32 (Show on map)
  • Opening Hours:
    9:00 - 20:00
  • Minimum number of person:
  • Contact:
    +421 52 476 21 11
Price: 6,00 €
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Squash originated from the ancient game of tennis, also known as le Pauem (the palm of the hand). Following the invention of a racquet by the Dutch, tennis begat rackets which was simply an outdoor version of tennis and involved no more than smacking a ball against one or two walls. The racket was a stretched tennis bat whereas the ball was unsqueezable and made from wound clothe, similar to a golf ball. Britons started building rackets courts as the sport spread across Great Britain. And it continued to spread to colonies such as Canada, India, Australia.

45 min. – 6 €