Slovenský Raj

  • Area:
    19 763 ha
  • The biggest ice cave in Slovakia:
    Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa
  • The longest clough:
    Veľký Sokol
  • The highest waterfall:
    Závojový vodopád (70 m)
  • The highest peek:
    Predná hoľa (1 545 m n. m.)
  • The lowest point:
    Smižany - Maša (489 m n. m.)

Slovenský Raj is one of the most beautiful regions of Slovakia. Its rugged landscape is full of georges, creeks with waterfalls, canyons and krast formations accessible for tourist via trails.

On of the unforgettable winter season hiking experiences is the winter crossing of Prielom Hornádu (Chasm of Hornád) in Slovenský Raj. When the temperatures drop below zero for longer period of time, even the otherwise wild waters of Hornád are bound by an ice crust. Pasisng through the frozen water surface certainly is a thrilling experience.

The Area of the national park encompasses 350 caves, out of which only one - Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa – is opened for tourists, however not during winter.
Nearest access to Slovenský raj is from Podlesok, which is 15 kilometres from Poprad.