SKI Museum Tatranská Lomnica

  • Address:
    Tatranská Lomnica
    059 60 Tatranská Lomnica(Show on map)
  • Opening hours:
    Mon - Sun 09:00 - 18:00
  • Contact:
    +421 (0) 905 592 858
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The exhibition in SKI MUSEUM in Tatranská Lomnica deals with the history and development of winter sports in High Tatras from their very beginning until 1945. 19 boards present the visitors with interesting facts about the beginnings of skying, skating, curling, mountain-climbing, sledding or bobsleighting in High Tatras.

Each part devoted to a particular topic consist of exhibit that – together with text – offers a complex view of what is used to look like in High Tatras.

One of the biggest attractions are 3.07 metres long skis from 1885 and an exhibit of old bobsleigh that used to plough through Tatra´s bobsleigh tracks. Men will certainly find the skis, ski poles and ski boots factory interesting, while women may enjoy the showcase of period fashion and what chalet interior have looked like.