Siberian Tiger Oasis

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Not far from the village of Kostolná pri Dunaji, there is the already nowadays protected and refuge place for the Usury tiger – Siberian that protects him from eradication. The foundation for these beautiful animals has created an exposition with a more human idea of the “heart of the nature”. It means that they created for them an imitation of their natural environment along with plants, water, lying wooden trunks and elevated bryonies serving for the young but also for the adult tigers to their natural games. The instincts of these animals have to be considered and care has to be taken about them being „happy“if we want these animals to remain healthy and to be able to reproduce. These tigers live a solitary life and their territory is surrounded by forests and fields. They move freely in so called tiger gardens and their healthy development is secured by their daily meat and vitamin supplement portion. The tigers are not stressed and they are not bored, neither do they suffer from any neurotic or mental problems. They are surrounded by love of their nurses and they do not know anything about being bored, neither do they know anything about mental pain. Care is taken about their nutrition, health status, but mainly about space in which they live and move.

In the OASIS OF THE SIBERIAN TIGRE one can find 18 tigers. The last three small tigers were born on 21.09.2004. They are small hairy balls that need to be protected in case a human being wants to take responsibility for them. They need regular meal and fresh water, lair or refuge before unknown world full of ambushes.