Shopping Center Tatry

  • Address:
    Svitská cesta 5035/5
    058 01 Poprad(Show on map)
  • Opening hours:
    Mon - Sun 09:00 - 20:00

    TESCO Hypermarket nonstop
  • Contact:
    +421 (0) 52 787 21 11
  • Web:

TATRY shopping center is the largest shopping center in Poprad and it’s surrounding. It’s unique character is composed by strong brands, simple accesibility and more than enough parking places. All these parameters guarantee fast and comfortable shopping experience. Your time is most important to us. Therefore all stores are built in such a way that they are accessible right from your car. Strong composition of brands are also able to meet diversity of our customers needs.

Eventhough all the brands in this area started to implement one joint name TATRY shopping center only in November 2013, the history of this shopping area reaches as far as 2002.
In this year TESCO hypermarket was opened here. Next Nay, Merkury Market opened their store. In 2007 Stop Shop came along. New investments started to materialize in 2011. In 2012 Intersport and KIKA opened up and in November 2013 another part of this shopping center opened. Hand in hand with this celebration the new joint name TATRY shopping center is beying introduced. Exactly one year later – in 2014 more stores were opened – Kvety VICTOR and KiK having retails in another separate building located in the immediate vicinity of the building, which was opened in 2013.