Pilgrimage Site Mariánka

It is the oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia with Lurdy cave and Procession to Calvary. Its origin and history is partially covered by legends. The site was in an administration of the Pavlines order whose histo­rians recorded down an orally passed legend about a hermit who lived in the hillside of Marianka. He caved a statue of Virgin Mary out from the wood of a pear tree (according to pavlin Louis Kummer it was in 1030). After death of the Hungarian king Stephan during the time of uproar the hermit had to flee from his dwelling, He hid the statue into a tree hollow. It was found a few decades later the way that was also mysterious. The most famous legend says that in the hillside there lived a highwayman whose children were born severely stricken. Remorseful father in sorrow vowed to amend his life and bound himself to a penance. In his dream Divine Mother of God showed him the place where he was to uncover the statue and a spring underneath to cure his children. The dream turned into reality and after that the former looter dedicated his life to God’s service.