Pieniny – national park

  • Area:
    21,25 km2
  • Hiking trails:
    Tri koruny (982 m.n.m.)
    Kláštroná hora (657 m.n.m.)
    Holica (824 m)
    Rabštín (845 m)
  • Culture & Sightseeing:
    Museum "Červený Kláštor"
    Folk architecture villages: Ostruňa, Jazersko
  • TOP activity:
    rafting in 9 km long Dunajec Canyon

The smallest Slovak national park lies on the boarder with Poland. It is crossed by river Dunajec which is a natural boarder meandering through rugged canyon with wonderful nature sceneries. Here you can try rafting with traditional wooden rafts starting in village “Červený Kláštor”, or you can borrow a rafting boat, inflatable boat, or canoe. There is also a hiking trail leading to “Tri koruny” (982 m.s.s.l.) at the end of which you will find breathtaking vistas on the winding canyon and calcite rocks.