There are four main motorways (all paid) in Slovakia.
D1 starts in Bratislava and finishes on the border in Vysne Nemecke.
D2 starts in Brodske and finishes in Rusovce.
D3 starts in Hricovske Podhradie and ends in Skalite.
D4 starts in Kittsee Jarovce and finishes on the border with Austria.

The speed limit on them is 130 km/h, speed limit on the roads in town or city is 50km/h, out of town 90 km/h. When driving on motorways it is necessary to have a toll sticker (vignette). The price of toll sticker for one year is 50 Euros. One month toll sticker is 14 Euros and 10 day toll sticker costs 10 Euros. You can buy the toll ticket in post offices and on the gas stations.

The average price for one liter of 95 fuel is around 1.50 Euro, for diesel a bit less. The gas stations are available in towns or on the outskirts of the towns, next to motorways and roads and also in some villages. They are open from the morning till evening; many of them are open nonstop.

The fines for higher than allowed speed out of towns are:
Speed above allowed Money penalty
For more than 20 km/h cca 70 Euros (or more)
For more than 30 km/h cca 100 Euros (or more)
For more than 40 km/h cca 200 Euros (or more)
For more than 75 km/h cca 800 Euros

The drivers may pay the fines with credit cards. If the policemen do not have terminal and the driver does not have enough cash with him, his driving licence card may be held.

There is zero tolerance to alcohol. The fine for alcohol use is from 200 to 1000 Euros and prohibition of driving for to five years. Driving under the influence of one per mille of alcohol or under the influence of other addictive substances and refusal of the tests is a crime. Drunk driver can face one year in prison.

It is obligatory to have car lights on all year. Also do not use your phone while driving a car, it is forbidden.