Laser Tag

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Laser Tag, a.k.a. Laser Game, is an adrenaline-pumping team game that resembles paintball or airsoft. It’s for everyone that likes fun and action. The game does not hurt at all, so women, children and even elderly can enjoy playing it.

12 players maximum can enter one game. Player wears a vest with a mounted laser gun. During the game, the sensors on the vest glow a different color to distinguish teams. Every player starts with 3000 points. The goal of the game is to score the most points by tagging the sensors on your opponents’ vests (+100 points). Friendly fire is not enabled, so you won’t lose points for accidentally shooting one of your own. If a player is hit (-75 points), the vest signals the hit with a sound and a vibration, then turns off the sensors, taking the player out of the game for 5 seconds. The player should use this time to regroup and hide. The player respawns after 5 seconds. Each game takes 15 minutes. The players then return to the exit of the arena after the game has finished. Please note that you should remember the number of your vest in order for each player to get the correct statistics summary.

Individuals: Each player plays for himself and can tag any other competing player. All players are marked by different colors. The player with the highest number of points wins.

Team play: Players are divided into 2 to 4 teams. Individual teams are distinguished according to their color. The objective is to tag opponents from the other team. Team with the highest number of points wins.

Home bases: This is a standard team play, yet only 2 teams can play. Each team defends their home base and attacks the home base of the competing team. Beware! Home bases can defend themselves and shoot back. A stroboscope light will flash and the home base will fire a deactivation ray (-1000 points). A home base can be deactivated by hitting the mark situated in the center (+100 points). The team with the highest number of points wins.

Vampire: Players will choose one or more vampires (red) among themselves that shall be immortal. Other players (green) shall set a number of lives. After getting tagged by a vampire, the player looses one life. If you loose all your lives, your vest will turn red and you become a vampire. You can slow the vampires down by tagging their vest sensors, rendering them inactive for several seconds (downtime can be adjusted). The game ends when either time expires or only vampires remain. The team of vampires or people with more players wins.

Eliminator: Each player plays for himself and can tag any other competing player. The player collects lives in the first part of this game by tagging competitors (+1 life). They then start the second part of the game with number of lives collected in the first part of the game. Players gradually spend their lives in the second part of the game. Last player standing or the player with the biggest number of lives is also the winner of the game. Some players may finish the game sooner than others.

Basic rules:
1. Running is forbidden within the arena. Use strategy when moving around.
2. Any physical contact is forbidden.
3. It is forbidden to cover the vest sensors.
4. A player who has been tagged must move their position after being tagged.
5. All players enter the arena at their own risk.