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    Wooden Evangelical Church
    Basilical Minor
    Historical Cemetery
    Town Hall
    The Castle Museum
    New Evangelical Church
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    Hradné námestie 42
    Opening hours 09:00 - 16:00

Kežmarok is one of the most important town monument reserves special with many historical monuments.
The town’s monuments include a castle, many Renaissance merchant houses, and a museum of ancient books. In pride of place is the Protestant church built in 1688 entirely of wood. The church also contains an organ of 1719 with wooden pipes. The church has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.

Kežmarok had a large ethnic German minority until the end of World War II (see Carpathian Germans). It also had a large and active Jewish community. During World War II, under the auspices of the First Slovak Republic, nearly 3,000 of the town’s Jews were deported to German death camps. The town’s pre-war Jewish cemetery has now been restored.

Since 1991 the continuation of the tradition of crafts and guilds, special for this city, has been ensured by the European craft festival. The craft festival is at present a popular international cultural and social event. Every second week in July, the town of Kežmarok is for three days transformed into a craft market. Before the market is officially opened, a traditional parade through Kežmarok´s High street with demonstration of historical costumes takes place. As in the old times, the ceremonial opening of the market is performed by the market mayor and the citizens.