Ice climbing

  • Address: Uherova 2909/33, Poprad 058 01(Show on map)
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Price: 69,00 €
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Ice climbing is one of the most dangerous sports. Specially when you climb the huge icicles. This activity depending on the weather which means it is not suitable for every day in the winter.

Before we will go and do ice climbing together we will need to check all conditions (ice, temperature, weather forecast) and than we can go and climb. Ideal temperature for ice climbing is between -8C till+2C.
Long periods of warm weather can destabilize the ice.
Safest ice climbing is when the ice thickness is more than 1 meter.

- the most beautifull location is Slovak paradise. This place has so many waterfalls in the summer which are changing on the ice walls in the winter and they are most visited in Slovakia.

- second location with the similar conditions are the Tatra mountains: easiest to access is Veverkov waterfall and Dolyho waterfall in the Cold valleys.

During this activity you will be instructed about the climbing and the equipment but we have some other games ready while you will be waiting on your turn (avalanche course, making an igloo …).

4-7 persons / 69,- Euro person