Hotel Viktor *** Bratislava

  • Address:
    Kremnická 2009/26, 851 01 Bratislava - Petržalka-Bratislava(Show on map)
  • Category:
    3 stars
  • Type:
    Business, Design
  • Facilities:
  • Room Types:
    Double room
    Double room BIZNIS
    Apartman FRIEND
    Apartman FAMILY
Price: 50,00 €
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New-built , modern hotel, situated close to the centre of Bratislava, offers a high accommodation standard for business clients, tourists, families with children.

Hotel Viktor*** disposes of 39 rooms with the capacity of 82 beds. We offer accommodation in double rooms with coupled or separated beds. For your better comfort you can use two apartmans. Rooms are equipped with quality and modern furniture, which gives you the pleasent and cosy feeling.

Whole hotel, including the rooms, has air-conditioning. There is an internet connection (cable internet connection or wi-fi) in each room and the hotel fulfils the newest safety standards.