Hotel KAMILA **** Bratislava

  • Address:
    Čierna Voda 611, 831 07 Bratislava(Show on map)
  • Category:
    4 stars
  • Type:
    Business, Wellness, Design
  • Facilities:
    Restaurant, Bar
    Conferences & Meetings
    School of Young Gentlemen
    Horse-riding school
  • Room Types:
    Single Room
    Double Room
Price: 79,00 €
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Hotel KAMILA, the first boutique hotel in Slovakia, is situated at the edge of Bratislava, close to the natural reservation Sursky prales.

Quite area with green garden offers a nice place for business meetings or seminars including attractive additional programme.

Comfortable accommodation, large parking place, cooking specialities and relax by golf, horse-riding or outdoor swimming pool.