Ferdiš Kostka Museum

  • Address: ul. F. Kostku 25, Stupava(Show on map)
  • E-mail: muzeumpezinok@nextra.sk
  • Contact: +421265934882

The museum is located two restored older houses in the court yard, one of them has his studio that also houses an original wood burning kiln. In the other house is a display of his work. The fairly new looking house, was built by Ferdis Kostka in 1951, and he lived in it for only 10 days before his death at age 73 after loosing his battle with heart asthma and diabetes. Ferdis Kostka was a descendant of an old potter’s family in Stupava that continued in the tradition established in many localities in Slovakia specializing in pottery and earthenware production and developed the folk faience into applied, decorative and figural ceramic production of high craftsmanship and artistic value. Ferdis Kostka drew on the family’s pottery tradition-work of his grand-father Jan Kostka senior and his brother Jan. In the years’ 1896-1913 he worked in the shop of his brother and after his departure for Marianka, near by, Ferdis Kostka took over the shop. His initial production included utility kitchen items. He later on combined ancient Haban elements with the artistic tradition of his family’s workshop, imitating and varying inherited patterns and old formulations.