Dog sledding in High Tatras

  • Address: Uherova 2909/33, Poprad 058 01(Show on map)
  • Opening Hours:
  • Minimum nuber of person:

Activity for people who love dogs! Let us know where you stay and we will organise it near your place.

Do you want to experience being a musher and ride with the dogs across the snowy fields?
This is the right place to book it. During this activity we will teach you how to turn left and right with the dogs sled and to understand the Siberian Huskies behavior.

4 types of programs:

- ride with the two dogs by yourself on the small (200m) circuit.
(group size from 2 – 40 people)

- short trip with the dogs and sleds for 1-2 km.
(best group size 2 – 20 people, it is possible for 40 people, but it takes most time of the day).

- trip with the dogs and the sleds with overnight stay in the forrest).
(only for small groups)

- cani cross – runing with one dog attached to your body by the leash.
(for small and for big groups)