Czechoslovak fortification museum

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    Saturday: 11 am-6 pm

    Sunday: Closed

    Nov. - March.: CLOSED
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  • Contact: +421 904 838 769

Czechoslovak Fortification Museum presents pre­war Czechoslovakia and its massive fortification system built in only three years, even before Adolf Hitler overmastered hearth of Europe and began the second World War.

Panzer loopholes, massive walls of reinforced concrete, weapons and special fortification weapons and equipment, can be found restored within Museum B­S 4 in Bratislava.

Come to experience unforgettable, one and a half hour excursion along fortification system in Bratislava and enjoy the ride by veteran car GAZ69!

Have a look into fortification system that used to defend sovereignty of pre-war Czechoslovakia and discover every day routine of Border Guards on the Iron Curtain during the Communist era.

How to find us:

You can find us on the Vienna road, almost near the border with Austria. The best way of transport is by a vehicle or by a bicycle on bike path.

Traveling by a vehicle: If you travel by a vehicle, you will be driving along the Vienna road and coming towards the state border. On the right side you will see a large parking lot for vehicles with our board. Park your vehicle here and directional signs will steer you further. From the parking lot you will be walking away about 5 minutes. Just follow the cycle path and boards. You can study the map at the end of this section for a better orientation.

Traveling by a bicycle: If you go by bike from ,,Petržalka“, the route is the same as with the vehicle (see paragraph above). If you’re going to visit us from the center of Bratislava, it is ideal for you to pass Lafranconi SNP Bridge by bicycle and continue along the signed paths to our area.