Children’s Little Wall

  • Address: Singing rock caffé, Tatranská Lomnica 141(Show on map)
  • Opening Hours:
    16:00 - 21:00
  • Minimum number of person:
  • Contact:
    +421 904 360 906
Price: 0,70 €
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We all have those days where our kids are literally climbing up the walls, right? Lucky for your little monkeys (and of course, your sanity) Portland offers an assortment of indoor rock climbing gyms where kids can expunge their energy and us parents can enjoy a few hours of peace, and maybe every participate ourselves. More than just a great total body workout or a wonderful way to spend a rainy day, climbing also builds confidence, challenges the mind, and increases coordination. The best thing about these indoor climbing gyms is that all cater to the newbies so don’t be wary if your family is new to climbing—no experience is necessary!