Children‘s Golf School

  • Address: Tatranská 754, 059 52 Veľká Lomnica(Show on map)
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    Tel: + 421 52 4661 333

“In golf the biggest competition is against oneself, to do better than you did before. Golf teaches you that success comes from within, and that certain rules and etiquette have to be followed without question in this game – just like everyday life. It also has the ability to teach children how to be logical, make good decisions and even make a few calculated judgments based upon the playing circumstances that are presented to them.”

Children learn discipline and patience and good sportsmanship through this game. Apart from the great physical exercise you can get from walking the course, golf also allows children to develop excellent muscle memory, strength, hand eye coordination and balance.Golf is universally acknowledged as a game that values honor. This is one sport that presents lessons of honesty and respect that might be lacking in other things that kids experience while growing up. Additionally, golf promotes a respect for others in the practice of etiquette established in the game over years of play.

For children from 6 to 15 years.