Cabrio Bus Bratislava

  • Opening Hours:
    12:00 - 18:00
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Price: 10,00 €
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Unique view over the beauty of the Danube from Cabrio bus
This is great opportunity to discover the best overview of our lovely city. Audio guide and refreshment are included. You will love sightseeing in Bratislava in “Cabrio bus”.

Enjoy fantastic lookout from roofless bus. Sightseeing of the best overviews of Bratislava was never more comfortable.

Let’s enjoy curious transport mean: bus without the roof. Bratislava residents call it cabrio bus. It is very famous for using during various town celebrations. it is something like bus for parades. You have the opportunity to explore Bratilava deeper. Not only mainstream historical down town parts. You can discover the most wonderful panoramas of Bratislava with. Forget about long walking tour in down town today. You can enjoy views, which are usually hidden from Bratislava’s visitors. Our professional team of skilled guides created valuable sightseeing route for you. It is designed to provide you the best experience only. Guide is available in 3 world languages. On board refreshment is included of course. Reserve it today and be sure that you will not miss this tour.