Bratislava from the bird´s eye view

Spectecular vistas over Bratislava can be found at several places.

SNP Bridge


The uniquely built with a building reminding of UFO cannot be overlooked and belongs to dominants of Bratislava. Unfortunately, especially lovely part the historical centre with rare Jewish synagogue fell as a victim to ist construction. Elevator inside a bridge pillar on the side of Petržalka will take you to one of the highest unsheltered lookouts in Europe (95 metres). Sighns installed around will inform you about what you can see looking for a spot. Beneath the lookout is a luxurious restaurant.

TV Tower


No matter from whitch direction you arrive to Bratislava the first dominant you will see is most certainly TV Tower above the city. Café and rotating provide vistas of the whole city surrounding.



Slavín is a memorial of Soviet soldiers who fell during World War II. in the area of Western Slovakia. Together with a cemetery of those falled in World War I. (Petržalka-Kopčany) it is the only military cemetery in Bratislava. It is often visited by tourists as well as locals because of its location and viewsfrom its terraces.

Observation tower Homola

Observation tower Homola


Tourist obrervation tower is situated on the top of a 709,2 metres high hill Veľká homoľa. The tower is 20 metres tall and offers a panoramic view into far distances, such as the pamorama of Malé Karpaty, Považský Inovec, tríbeč, an Austrian Alps. is is easily accessible from a dense net of hiking trails from all directions. You may find an easy access from bus stop az Zochova Cottagem which takes an hour following the red mark.