• Address: Tatranská Lomnica 29, 059 60 Vysoké Tatry (Show on map)
  • Opening Hours:
    9:00 - 18:00
  • Minimum nuber of person:
  • Contact:
    0918 507 992
Price: 10,00 €
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When you visit the High Tatras, you can experience another great attraction. You can enjoy hunting with bow or crossbow. You will not shoot at our protected animals, though. We have an american-made high quality actual-sized targets. We offer archery in our beautiful surroundings. This superb experience will be prepared and supervised by Milan Bombuskar. Milan has a many Years of expertise in archery. He is a multiple Champion of Slovakia and Europe. He attends a world-class tournaments in compound bow archery. His highest achievement is 31st place among World’s best professionals. He is currently Pro Staff Target archer for US company BOHNING. So You can rest assured that You will be handled by a professional who can teach You how to use any silent weapon. We will be happy to provide all sorts of training and practical demonstrations. As archery is very demanding You should only depend on professionals at all times. Our latest invention is paintball fixture on compound bow. You can shoot with paintballs instead of arrows. This is fun for entire family. We are looking forward to see You soon.

Price is negotiable, basic rate is 10 EUR / hour per person. Price includes rental of all necessary gear.
shooting on 3D targets

This is an archery hunting on 3D targets placed in the countryside. Targets will be placed in variety of places and distances such as it was a real hunting.

10 € (5 targets)
shooting on classical target

This is a bow shooting with arrows on classical target 122x122cm at 20m distance. Every shooter will obtain 18 arrows to compete with, using 3 arrows in 6 rounds.

7,50 €
shooting with paintball bows

This is our specialty custom-made compound bow with paintball fixture. You will shoot at various targets with small paintballs instead of arrows.

3 € (10 shoots)