Aquazorbing, Aqua roller, Aqua ranger

  • Address: AquaCity - Športová 1397/1, Poprad(Show on map)
  • Opening Hours:
    11:00 - 21:00
  • Minimum number of person:
  • Contact:
    +421 52 78 51 111
Price: 17,00 €
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Aquazorbing is a big ball on the water surface, inside which you’re trying to walking or pushing forward. The activity is carried out in the return channel of our area.

The Aqua Roller rolls out the big water fun in the form of a huge water wheel!

Aqua Ranger Seascooter is ideal for snorkeling or shallow-water SCUBA diving. The compact device propels you underwater, doing much of the work so you can enjoy the view