Brasserie La Marine


There are many diferent reasons for traveling. One of these good reasons is traveling for food, wine and cognac. In 2009 an idea arose in the minds of a few food and wine lovers. That is how Brasserie La Marine was established. It was supposed to be a place where everyone brings the best products found on their journeys.

The 2010 collection of recipes, cognacs and wines covers thousands of miles traveled, many hours spent tasting and a myriad of experiences from the French countryside, but also from other parts of the world. The Champagne Gosset smell brings you 1800 km back to the family Brasserie Segoznac, you are having oysters with the Frapins and enjoying this excellent drink. As you start sipping Noces D’ Or, you are back in 1945-the year it was deposited into cellars. There are always a story behind each of the selected wines. We would like to share our passion for lucious food and great wine with you.

Address: Eurovea Galleria, Bratislava